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Thank you so much for flowing your love my way! Appreciate you so much! https://twitter.com/PornTube4545/status/1270368231341973504

Out of 16,476 submissions for a national union commercial we are able to see 120 actors. This is not to discourage anyone but to count every audition as a opportunity to act and have fun! And if you weren't right for this one you will be for another so keep on going!

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Decoding Hollywood

I can’t tell you how many times that I have started a Blog, and never finished it. I once started a blog, Decode Hollywood, when I first moved to LA in 2007 after pursuing a career as a Broadway Star in NYC. I thought to myself, surely I would be able to...

Kristen Henry King Books National Pampers Commercial

Let’s Talk Babies Shall we?  This has been something that I had gone back and forth with being in this industry.  See, I was married now for 3 years, and I knew I wanted kids, but dang it, I hadn’t broke as an actor, yet.  How can I support a kid when I...