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Got a body full of chains
My mind’s become so deranged
I was living, now surviving
Heart is pounding but I’m dying
And even though I can not feel a thing
My heart does, My heart does

copyright © 2018 Kristen Henry King

Empty words just led to
broken promises,
apologies were just a myth
you called on me,
and I’d be there but you
Couldn’t see what was

copyright © 2018 Kristen Henry King

You hold a key to a door I can’t open
I’m in a room full of words unspoken
The silence is deafening,
I feel your heart breaking
And your pain is my pain
And I want it to go away

copyright © 2018 Kristen Henry King

I like to pretend
That the stars only shine
for me
While the ocean plays
A private symphony
The breeze on my face
Sings a custom melody
But theres no time

copyright © 2018 Kristen Henry King

She got you ringin
round the rosy
From your head to
your tosie
Got the “na, na, na, na,
boo, boo” all over you
She gotcha “humpty
dumpty” on a wall
Like jack and jill you’re
gonna fall
Well you better get out if
you wanna live
Or else you’ll end up under
London bridge

copyright © 2018 Kristen Henry King

Don’t you remember?
When we were younger
And the days would never end
Don’t you remember?
Back to our first kiss
Cause I knew then
That you and me were meant to be
Something beautiful
But now I fear our end is near
And I can’t let it go
You are the epitome of everything I need
Let me be your hear and soul your one and

copyright © 2018 Kristen Henry King

You don’t have to convince me
You don’t have to move
Hush, baby don’t say a word
Until we’re through
I’ve got the potion of love in my veins
I’ve got the motion to drive you insane
Just ease your mind
Release your tension

copyright © 2018 Kristen Henry King

I have had lyrics running through my head since I was 13. Any and all experiences I’ve ever had were written down in song form.

Do you need someone to put your thoughts and experiences onto paper? Do you need lyrics to your tracks? Or a song for your Movie or Commercial? Better yet, do you not only need someone to write the song for your track but also record vocals that you wrote? Well, I’m your girl. I specialize in all genres, from pop, to blues, to classical.”

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Which was written while I battled Multiple Sclerosis and Beat it!!
This song speaks to your soul and ignites your warrior from within.

Kristen Henry King Sings for a Cure

Kristen King – Her Mission for an MS Cure

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